by connal on September 24, 2010


As we traveled, we took pictures of nearly everything we drank. They’re arranged chronologically (latest to earliest) which give an amusing glimpse into the drinking habits of different countries (or at least our drinking habits in those countries). What follows are 221 photos of beer, wine, soda, energy drinks, tea and whatever else we imbibed along the way.

To get a better look, clicking on an image will take you to the Flickr page where the date and country of the beverage (if not the exact city) will be tagged.

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Find your own Fockink Gin

by connal on September 20, 2010

Fockink Gin

This post could also be titled “International Treasure Hunt” – but that wasn’t nearly as catchy.

Back in October of ’09 we were trekking through Spain when we took a rest day to explore Pamplona. While wandering around the old part of town we came across a small, unattended antique shop where, buried on a back shelf, we found a bottle of Fockink Gin. We were thrilled at our discovery (so thrilled that we wrote a blog post about it, I mean, c’mon, that a joke good enough to build an entire movie around) but the glass bottle weighed a ton, and we were trekking and couldn’t afford to carry it around with us for the next week, so we left it where it was

8 months later we found ourselves in France, working out the details of a chance meeting with our friend Hannah who happened to be traveling with a friend through Spain and France. As soon as they mentioned that they’d be spending a day in Pamplona we knew what had to be done. I sent her the following email.

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Flying the Friendly Skies

by connal on September 14, 2010


We didn’t set any kind of rule about not traveling by plane, but we did try to avoid them whenever possible. Busses, trains, motorcycles and ferries were our preferred method of travel; we even looked into traveling by cargo ship for some of the longer hauls (as it turns out, it would probably be a very interesting way to travel, similar to crossing Russia on the Trans-Siberian Express, but cargo ships are slow and not actually a money saving option; plan on at least $100/day. For a two week trip from California to New Zealand that works out to around $1400. A flight would cost you closer to $650)

In anycase, despite our best efforts, we still traveled over 40,000 miles by plane. We did manage to spread those around quite a bit, taking 27 flights on 21 different airlines.

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1973 Mongolian Space Stamps

by connal on September 10, 2010

Mongol Stamps

They’re Mongolian, they’re from 1973, they feature fantastic illustrations of Russian and US space missions and we found them in a tiny stamp shop in Istanbul. There’s not one thing about these stamps that isn’t awesome!

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70,000 miles!

by connal on August 8, 2010

In what will be the last 10K mile milestone we cross, on August 6th we reached 70,000 total miles for our trip.

The current breakdown is:

40,057 : Plane
13,865 : Motorcycle
7,031 : Train
6,071 : Car
1,333 : Boat
1,317 : Bus
397 : Foot
10 : Horse

For a total of 70,075 total miles, averaging 191 miles per day.

As a point of reference the circumference of the earth is 24,901 miles at the equator; so we’re just under 3 times around.

It’s also 238,857 miles from the Earth to the Moon, so we’re not quite a third of the distance to that.



America the Beautiful

by connal on August 6, 2010


Yesterday was our 365th day on the road.

We arrived back on American soil 22 days ago and despite having all the internet we could want and the ability to easily place domestic calls, we have been almost completely incommunicado.

Part of the reason may be trying to deny the fact that we’ve left the International portion of our trip behind us. The other part may have to do with filing every waking moment trying to cram in as much exploration as humanly possible as we finally see the trip coming to its inevitable conclusion.

Whatever the reason, we’ve explored the US with the same enthusiasm we’ve had for every other country: In the last 18 days we’ve ridden 4226 miles through Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and Washington.
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